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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 24, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> we're going to have more with our retired navy officer here. watch after the show show. log on for the after the show show. we'll see you tomorrow. >> peter, thank you very much for your help. tomorrow. >> in for brian, happy to be here. bill: thank you, guys. good morning on a monday. the grand jury gets back to work outside of ferguson, missouri, as a city and a nation is on edge. barricades are up, anticipation building for announcement, but when will that come? i'm bill hemmer, hope you had a great weekend. welcome to "america's newsroom," good morning to you. martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. local and national leaders urging everybody to stay calm when the decision comes down, but as you can imagine, the police have to brace for whatever violence might happen no matter what the outcome here. at issue is whether police officer darren wilson should face charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown over the course of the summer in august. bill: mike tobin outside the courthouse in clayton, missouri. the scene has been what there around that courthouse so far?
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>> reporter: well, the scene has been very tense. lots of anticipation. speculation that the grand jury decision is imminent. thus far the speculation has been all, has been wrong thus far. in fact, even the notion that we'll get a 48-hour heads up is really an example of reporters filling in the blank. the county prosecutor has said we will get a heads up without putting a time frame on that. this grand jury operates independent of the police who are you operate anything 12-hour shifts, independent of the school boards who have opted to close school for today. the grand jury is expected to meet today without any kind of a time frame. if they want to pull in more witnesses, they can. if four of the twelve grand jurors determine that the shooting was justified, officer darren wilson does not get charged. guys, back to you in new york. bill: what about the evidence, mike? will we even see it? >> reporter: well, initially the county prosecutor said that in the event of a no true bill, in the event that officer darren
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wilson is not charged, that all of the evidence from the scene, all of the witness evidence will be made public and rather immediate. now we're hearing from the judge, carolyn whitington, that she never signed off on that, so the county prosecutor will petition to release the evidence in the event that darren wilson is not charged, but there's still a couple of steps before it makes it to the public. bill? bill: we remain on standby. thank you, mike tobin, live in missouri leading our coverage there this morning. martha: all of this started back on august 9th when reports came in that dawn wilson, a white police officer, shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed black teenager. the day after that the city of ferguson erupted with chaos, looting, protests taking over the streets there. a total of 32 people were arrested on that first night. it just escalated, essentially, from there. six days later missouri governor jay nixon was forced to declare a state of emergency and lockdown, a curfew in ferguson. on august the 20th, the grand
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jury convened as attorney general eric holder landed in ferguson. then a week ago governor nixon activated the national guard ahead of this decision which we wait for this morning. bill: we do know the make up of the grand jury, three white -- six white men, three white women. twelve members of the grand jury, nine are needed to indict. martha: former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says the burden on those 12 men and women, he is not sure in this case that that's fair. listen. >> this grand jury is under incredible pressure. >> right. >> incredible pressure to indict. i feel sorry for these people because they know if they walk out of that grand jury room and have not indicted, they may have created a massive riot in their city and maybe throughout the united states. to me, that kind of pressure is completely inconsistent with the american criminal justice system, and the people who are
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putting on that pressure should be ashamed of themselves. martha: a really important element to all of this. mr. giuliani also made comments about black on black violence as it relates to ferguson. we're going to have more on that a little bit later in the show. bill: did the mayor have a point, or was he overruled? send us a tweet, and we'll talk to you on twitter for the next two hours. very heated debate back and forth yesterday during that segment. martha: all right. more on that in a moment. so with this deadline just hours away, a deal has been reached to extend talks over iran's nuclear program. we talked a lot about the deadline that was looming in this story late last week, now both sides have failed to come to any agreement. not a huge surprise begin how far apart they were on a number of issues, but reportedly, they're willing to extend the deadline for another seven months. concerns are growing over a deal with iran. israel's prime minister warning that iran should not even be allowed the capability to build a nuclear weapon.
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>> i think the key principle is this: don't dismantle sanctions before you dismantle iran's capacity to make a nuclear bomb. and as i understand it, the iranians are nowhere near to accepting that. and if for any reason the united states and the other powers agree to leave iran with that capacity to break out, i think that would be a historic mistake. martha: a lot at stalk here. amy kellogg live in london. amy, is this extension a good thing, or is it just buying more time? what's the reaction? >> reporter: well, martha, there are opinions on both side of that question, but at this point we don't have the details of this extension deal. and i think that considering it's likely that the daylight between the two sides was diminished enough to agree to extend, then we can assume that it probably is positive. but, again, this has all just been announced, so we don't have the details. and as early as thursday or as late as thursday secretary of
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state john kerry was saying there wasn't even going to be an extension. so this apparently means that some progress has been made. obviously, though, big gaps do remain. the highest on the list from the p5+1 or the international partners side is that the number of centrifuges iran will be allowed to have and the levels of enrichment it will be able to carry out in the future and how fast and in what sort of sequence sanctions should be removed in a future deal. other important sticking points, iran's heavy water reactor which could be used to reprocess plutonium into fissile material and whether iran would i allow that to be downgraded into a proliferation-proof light reactor, also iran must answer questions of possible military dimensions of its nuclear program, ie, the explosives test it carried out in the earlier part of the decade and some other work that was carried out. again, martha, the question: is it a good outcome?
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a lot of people would argue that time is no friend of the united states and its allies here, but others will say not doing a deal is also a bad thing because if you look at 2003 when iran did suggest some sort of grand bargain, it only had 164 sentry sentry -- centrifuges. today it has 19,000. martha: that's a great point. i mean, time has clearly been on their side in the past, and the issues of trust and verify, as ronald reagan would say, in terms of what kind of information we're going to get out of them ultimately if there is a deal and what they're really doing. so this extension is significant, i guess. why would it will so significant, amy? >> reporter: well, i think, martha, the intensity of it is what's different here. i mean, you saw secretary of state john kerry meeting with his iranian counterpart half a dozen times in the last few days. something like that would have been unheard of in recent times. for 35 years there was no contact at all between the united states and iran on a
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diplomatic level, so that in and of itself is significant. also when you consider the fact that some of our more skeptical allies have been kept closer in this process. an example yesterday secretary kerry met with the foreign minister on his plane -- kerry went to his plane to talk to him to keep him closely in the loop about this, and the russian foreign minister, sergei love roh -- lavrov, has been instrumental in all of this. a lot of close contacts and a lot of presumably, martha, productive contacts. martha: we will see. amy, thank you very much. bill: we're also hearing about 10 a.m. eastern time, 50 minutes from now, john kerry will hold a press conference in vienna, austria, so we'll get the initial reaction, and k.t. mcfarland's on deck. martha: what israel might do as a result. all of that. bill: in the meantime, the house benghazi report is out. the report from the house intelligence committee basically
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clearing the cia of covering up the botched response on that terror attack. south carolina senator lindsey graham slamming the findings from that committee. >> i think the report's full of crap. >> why? >> quite frankly. >> why? >> to say that the deputy director of the cia when i asked him do you know who changed the talking points with senator ayotte and mccain and susan rice sitting by his side said the fbi changed the talking points when it came to references to al-qaeda. only later did we find out through a lawsuit that mike morrell was deeply involved in changing the talking points. >> so, okay -- >> the intel community through him lied. bill: the report also says there was no standdown order from the state department that night. several people who were in benghazi say a cia response team was ordered to stand down while the attack was underway. martha: all right. this fox news alert now, a case of lost and found in the irs
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targeting scandal. an irs watchdog group recovered as many as 30,000 e-mails -- how about that? -- that reportedly belonged to lois lerner. this after the urs insisted for months that technology experts just simply could not find any of those e-mails which were specifically requested by congressional investigators. so some lawmakers think that the e-mails contain evidence. the irs unfairly targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. the irs and lerner have denied those attempts vociferously. bill: republican landslide in the midterms are not stopping capitol hill. a wave of republican governors at the state level as well, so how will they lead republicans forward? the new head of the republican governors' association is our guest live in a matter of minutes. martha: and president vladimir putin now thinking about retirement? we'll tell you when the russian strongman may hang up his baa bush ca? i don't think he wears one of
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those. bill: he would look cute in one though. martha: so to speak maybe. bill: after a massive snowstorm brought seven feet to have snow to new york, the evacuations that could be coming in the city of buffalo, next. >> floods are much more dangers and destructive than people think. it sounds relatively harmless, it's water, and it comes up, and it goes down. it's not water, it's a toxic brew. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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martha: russian president vladimir putin speaking out on his own political future. he says he plans to step down no later than 2024. putin has basically led russia since getting elected back in 2000. the 62-year-old leader says he hasn't decided on whether he will run for a fourth term in 2018. he said, you know what? back off, i'm going to take the first spot again. bill: i'm just going to stop myself in ten years. the republican tidal wave in washington extending to governors' races. could this shape the future for the party? republican governor bill haslam of tennessee is the incoming chairman of the republican governors' association. how are you, gov? good morning to you. 31 statehouses across the country. republican governors are on a roll. what will you do with that
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newfound power, sir? >> i think the first message is for those who think the republican party has a limited message and in a limited part of the country say, look, wow, republicans won governorships in illinois and massachusetts, more those who think we have an issue around women or demographics, governor abbott won texas by ten points among female voters against a female candidate -- bill: why do you think that's happening? >> well, i honestly think this, when we have the right candidates and we have the right message that's about actually solving problems, i think we win elections. and i think that people looked out and saw the message coming from republican candidates about how to actually address real budget issues in a world where people had had given up hope that washington has the courage to do that, about addressing factors to create more jobs and how to attract capital to our states and our country, people saw and believed that republican governors have done that and
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continue to do that. bill: do you think republican governors have an advantage over republican senators among that batch who's running for the white house in 2016? >> well, i do. obviously, i'm a little biased. but i do think it helps to have come from a position where you actually have to solve the problem. you don't just get to get up and argue about it. it also, quite frankly, helps to be in a position where you have the ability to do that. in washington we have some republican senators who are doing a great job, they're doing everything they can, but at the end of the day, they can't force the other side to come up to balance the budget, for instance. they can't force the other side to come up with a real issue for health care that helps cover more people and yet doesn't bust our budgets. as republican governors because, ultimately, we have to balance budgets, we're doing that, and people are impressed with the results. bill: it was an interesting gathering there in florida. how do those men on that stage compare to hillary clinton? >> well, i think admirably so.
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again, here's -- the thing i'd point back to that governors in florida with the rga, all of them have a track record of actually solving problems. and remember, i think the big thing the country's crying out for today is can anybody actually do that? people have grown cynical that an answer can come and definitely that answer can come out of washington. when they look at people who have actually helped their states move forward whether it be job creation or education reform or definitely addressing long-term budget issues, i think there's encouragement from folks. bill: with regard to the budget issues, you think about obamacare and the responsibility now and also the immigration order, how does that change the way these men do their job? >> well, in terms of do their job as governors? bill: yes. >> is that the question? well, obviously, obamacare has had a big impact on our states' budgets, already has. gotta remember for most governors medicaid is the biggest portion of their budget.
6:19 am
what we spend on health care in tennessee is about one out of every three dollars is spent on health care, either medicaid or our own state employee health insurance. so the cost of health care drives everything else. and so it squeezes out things like the money that goes to higher ed and makes tuition higher for middle class families all across the country. the point is i think republican governors would say, right, with obamacare we're covering more people, and that's a good thing, but you didn't address the fundamental issue around the cost of health care. and it continues to squeeze out everything else in our state's budget, and it's a long-term issue. there's a lot of folks feel like the federal government's quickly become just a large health insurance company that has an army and a navy attached to it, and that's not who we want to be. bill: in the 15 seconds i have left, has washington made it more difficult for you to do your job, or does that pretty much come down to you and how well you manage at the executive
6:20 am
level? >> i think that one of the beauties of being a governor is at the end of the day you get to make a lot of those calls with your legislature about what happens. but washington doesn't help with a lot of the policies they send our way. here's the point i would make, the reason that states were set up as laboratories of democracy is the country's issues are so big that there's no way we can't handle them better, in a more cost effective and yet more compassionate way as governors than you can on the federal level. i guarantee you that's true. bill: we've got to run. thank you, sir. bill haslam with a new job, rga. thank you, sir, we'll speak again. >> thanks. bill: all right. martha? is. martha: so up north the warmer temperatures are not being welcomed by the folks in buffalo, new york. snow from last week's massive storm is starting to melt. it's going to get in the 60s today in the new york city area, serious flooding is the concern that everybody has at this point, so we're live on the ground with the very latest. bill: also a security scare, martha, at a major airport.
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6:25 am
necessarily going to be the case, but now we are learning that the resignation is coming today or has come today. you know, when you look back at this situation, you think about the things that chuck hagel as defense secretary and dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, have said about the battle against isis, both have said there could come a point when they might have to put boots on the ground or that they would ask the president for boots on the ground, and it appears that hagel may be taking the fall for some of the missteps with isis up to this point. we're going to get more information from the administration in terms of the why hagel would be deciding to step down, but clearly, this is a very big deal, and who will come next as defense secretary will send a very big signal about what the president's thoughts are on how this battle against isis is going at this point. bill: he has served in this position since 2013. it is not necessarily a long stint in such a significant cabinet role, and we have watched him often, you know, from our perch here in "america's newsroom" during these hearings on the hill, and
6:26 am
sometimes it appeared that he was, well, maybe a little bit slower than some would expect and perhaps his reaction was not near as brisk as some others would like, and perhaps behind the scenes many would wonder whether he wanted the job. and you wonder now if this is his decision rather than the commander in chief's. martha: you know, you think of robert gates, leon panetta, the things that have been said about the president with regards to his decisiveness on the issue of isis, and it raises the other question, bill, is hagel taking the fall for, you know, weaknesses of the president when it comes to how isis has been handled? because, clearly, many believe that we've been behind the 8 ball on this issue for a very long time and that it was allowed to get out of control in a way that perhaps it didn't have to get out of control. so, you know, hagel may be the person who's taking the fall for all of these missteps with isis. we'll see. bill: we are watching this, and there will be a lot of political reaction to this. jennifer griffin's getting live at the pentagon, we'll talk to
6:27 am
her in a moment. hagel has a -- there she is. we'll get her wired up, and then we'll go to griffin in a moment here. hagel has long served in the u.s. government, u.s. military. two purple hearts, an infantry leader during the vietnam war, returned home to start careers in business and politics, born in nebraska, served that state in the u.s. senate, first elected, in fact, elected, rather, u.s. senate 1996, reelected in 2002, then retired in 2008 before then serving the current commander in chief, president barack obama. martha: all right. let's get to our national security correspondent for more on this, jennifer griffin joins us. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, martha. senior u.s. defense official tells us that secretary hagel tendered his resignation to the president this morning, it is something that had been discussed between the president and secretary hagel for several weeks, we're told. the indication is, however, that he left -- officially they're saying by mutual agreement, but behind the scenes the word for
6:28 am
weeks has been that he was under pressure to step down. remember, back during his confirmation hearing there was a great deal of consternation at the white house that secretary hagel had not performed well a little over a year ago in 2013 when he was confirmed as secretary of defense. there's -- and at the time senator john mccain was extremely critical about whether chuck hagel was, had enough grasp of the issues to be secretary. and then what we've had over the last few months in terms of the withering criticism from two former secretaries of defense -- robert gates and leon panetta -- about the current strategy against isis as well as other missteps in the last year and a half in terms of decisions that have made, been made by the pentagon and by the white house about how the wars have been conducted and how national security crises have been handled. so this coming -- we had some indication on friday that there was something afoot, and
6:29 am
remember just after the midterm elections there was that article in "the washington post" by david ignatius that suggested that the president may want to make changes to his national security team. at that time there was some discussion about whether chuck hagel's name was on the chopping block, whether he would be, whether he would be asked to leave, um, at that point there was some pushback, some leaked stories about how hagel had been standing up to susan rice and had sent a memo, in fact, over to the white house suggesting that the white house policy against isis needed to take into account removing bashar assad. there were those, that tension between superrice and chuck hagel -- susan rice and chuck hagel that came out through the press. again, we'll get more details as the day goes on, but there have been rumors to this effect for several weeks, especially, excuse me, in light of the election results. martha: yeah. very interesting. so, jennifer, you know, as soon
6:30 am
as this news gets absorbed, the next question, of course, is going to be who the president will choose for the next secretary of defense. during this speculation that you talk about, has there been discussion about possible names? >> well, there have been names batted around for some time. in fact, one name that comes to mind without any -- this is not based on any, any official sources, but the one name that repeatedly comes up is michelle nor now. -- flournoy, assistant secretary of defense for policy under robert gates and leon panetta. she would be the first female secretary of defense. that could be an interesting choice. she has been a very firm, outspoken former administration official talking about how more needs to be done in the strategy against isis. she would be a top candidate at this point in time. but other than that i don't, i don't have any names that we can officially put forward at this point. martha: and everybody will read
6:31 am
the tea leaves and whatever the choice is to see if it tells us something about where the president wants to head next with the fight against isis. jennifer, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. bill: so the breaking news, chuck hagel is out as defense secretary, this at a time when, well, national security and the ongoing battle with isis continues to heat up by the day. there was a piece over the weekend that talked about how many pakistanis are now drawn to the cause of isis in places like iraq and syria. so this is something that is not going away, something the united states will have to manage for some time to come. but chuck hagel will not be there to do it. quick break here, more on this breaking news in a moment.
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when the game's on the line. okay patrick, let's go base, shark, blitz. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to their game day communication. abort! abort! he's keeping it. duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. martha: fox news alert, breaking news this morning as we just received word moments ago, chuck hagel is out as the secretary of defense in the obama administration. large implications here, what that that all mean? let's bring our panel in here.
6:35 am
former senior advisor to secretary john kerry, with whom hagel had worked very closely over the course of this job and also in the past. welcome, good to have you both here today. as jennifer griffin reported moments ago, something talking around the mill over the past couple of weeks and indeed it appears was mutual, but it may have come from the administration on this. >> this not surprising how the war against isis even though they are not calling a set, is going. things with israel are falling apart and have been rocky for long time. let's not forget chuck hagel was not the best choice for this decision at the defense department in the first place. you go back to his confirmation hearing, his nomination originally blocked and eventually brought it up for a vote and he was criticized for not necessarily having the
6:36 am
answers to the questions that were asked of him during the confirmation hearing. it is not surprising after the failed hearings getting through barely now seeing what is happening on the form pleasant level. martha: is this a wise move on the administration's part? >> it is that time of year. going into left two years of president obama's term and everybody's making decisions if they will stay on or not. you had john kerry sign up for another two years for the fact he is stepping down is not a surprise and frankly not a surprise he has decided to do that. you never heard him say he wanted to stay on. martha: he started in 2013. this is more than i have been around for long time and serving for lon a long time, i am done. do you think? >> it requires different people, and you see that obama consistently changed over a lot
6:37 am
of personnel. it is not like he didn't get along with people. martha: the question is of success. they cannot get away with this is just turnover because he just started in 2013, no reason he couldn't finish out the term. >> no, think this is what the president needs for the next two years, not what happened. >> that may be more to the point. >> this is about a failure on the form policy level in terms of what we are doing against isis which has been failing by all accounts, i have said they were against isis is failing. the deal with iran trying to negotiate is also failing, and look, he was therefore a year comparing him to eric holder isn't necessarily a good
6:38 am
comparison. chuck hagel has been there for one year. he was not a good pick in the first place in the time it will be interesting given now they will have to put somebody up to the nomination process with a new congress. martha: it is a very good point. >> so there is a problem because you already have people like ted cruz and others threatening. now another confirmation possibility. i would just imagine with the confirmation hearing will be like. you are already seeing the politics of 2015 and how the republicans are going to govern politics when you have these coming up already. it is nothing but trouble for the republicans. martha: we want to make it clear this is a decisive move, and the administration deserves credit, maybe. we talked about this is not going swimmingly.
6:39 am
the person they choose, i think, will be a signal of where president obama is for this battle, whether or not there is a dose of a different way of thinking in this approach. >> let's take a look at the politics. last week ted cruz mentioned blocking all the nominations in the senate unless they had national security positions and all the sudden after that thing that, now the president has nudged him to resign because we have an open nomination that has to be directly with maximum-security so republicans cannot block it in the name of immigration. in terms of the failures here, yes, there will be a lot of questions of the next entry of defense will do, what the situation is. republicans and democrats will be demanding the answers to deal with those things going forward. >> it is a very important vote,
6:40 am
so it will be interesting to see who they choose and watching extremely closely for the next two years of the obama administration. thank you, good to see you both. bill: the president will make it official at 11:10 a.m. eastern time and you will see it live on the fox news channel. and breaking news iran today. no deal, only more talk. preparing for this epic flood now expected after all the snow, the water is moving slowly. @oyup
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bill: breaking news on a monday if you're just joining us, secretary chuck hagel is calling it quits. the president will make the announcement in one hour and 25 minutes from now. kt mcfarland, good morning. we have three different topics.
6:44 am
that start with chuck hagel, what do you make of it? >> when he took the job two years ago i said i thought it would be problems because he didn't have the ability to negotiate on capitol hill. all about potential iran nuclear talks, problems the middle east. he hasn't done very well. so now he's out, it allows put up in the president to say we have a new page on defense policy, two really good people mentioned now as potential successors. former number three in the obama pentagon, and ashton carter who is the number two. have all recently lost. an old friend of mine, saw him two weeks ago. they are both pretty well respected on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. they would come i assume, get easy nomination. both pale is advocating.
6:45 am
bill: i both hawks? >> what is a hawk in obama's administration? they would be more hawkish then secretary hagel was. they will understand what the chief has been saying, don't cut defense spending. all the senior leadership has said that, you're cutting defense spending at the same time you're increasing the requirements. bill: you say they both fight for more spending in the pentagon? another big development that goes hand-in-hand with this one, a combat role will continue for another year in afghanistan and the president explaining that about-face. >> that about-face and what is happening in the middle east with isis. increases of noncombat forces supposed to be training the iraq military be at they still haven't been able to stand up and fight. it is not clear to me and many
6:46 am
others what an additional eight rental forces going to do. bill: you have said it you felt that way from the beginning, do you think it is because he has been a poor manager, or is it he is taking marching orders from a commander in chief who he does not see eye to eye with? >> a lot of it has to do with capitol hill. they have a big role in capitol hill. how do you bring them along on america's pivot to asia. his replacements have been. the other thing is doing within his own department kid deal with military, how to work with them to get what they feel they have achieved mission and negotiate that in the white house meetings to make sure the defense department has way needs. bill: apparently we are set for more talks. it looks like we will give a
6:47 am
seven months extension to continue to do whatever it is they are doing. most of that is unknown. >> they always so they went to the game of chess. i think they meant to the game of cat and mouse too. they're toying with the administration. they know the administration for foreign-policy achievement. what would be better than a historic deal with iran. lift the sanctions to the economy can boom allow them to be a fresh hold further states. i think they get the one of those with time because the longer we wait a deal doesn't get what we want, sanctions lifted in exchange for nuclear program, iran will continue to build nuclear program out and they feel the market forces of people and countries and companies wanting to do business
6:48 am
with a historic economic opportunity, iran will push any administration toward it. have a lot of negotiating leverage internet willing to use because they're so desperate for a deal. bill: apparently came out and said everything is okay here. senator lindsey graham did not like this report. >> i think the reporters full of quite frankly. >> why? >> the deputy director of the cia i asked him do know who change the talking points with the senator and mccain and susan rice said the fbi change the talking points with al qaeda. only later did we find out through a lawsuit that mike was deeply involved in changing the talking points. through him wide. bill: so he keeps coming back to the talking points. you are a national security hawk
6:49 am
i would say, what do you think of this? >> i did not read that report the way he is portraying it. intelligence committee has been exonerated but not necessarily the political people in the white house or state department. so i'm not going to judge because i don't have those clearances, i can't tell what the secret documents were then exchanged hands, i just know we probably will not know what really happened with the political decisions leading up to it until the number of people retire. bill: on a busy monday. thank you. martha: in buffalo the snow has stopped but the sun is now out. what happens when 7 feet of snow runs through the streets. possible evacuations because of flooding. plus, did you catch this last night? some are calling it the best
6:50 am
catch. we will be right back. the conference call.
6:51 am
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martha: folks western new york been told to get ready, can be bad for them. last week at hit by the deadly snowstorm dumping 7 feet of snow around the buffalo area. today the temperatures are going up. no it happens happens when that happens. a lot of water in that area. the melting could cause flooding. the governor says an evacuation order to come at any time. >> if you live in an area that typically floods or has flooded,
6:54 am
or if you live near that area, prepare to evacuate for a flood situation. it's not enough that your house has never been flooded before, right? there is always a first time, and this may be the first time. martha: rick leventhal is there with it. >> it is one of the neighborhoods hit with 84 inches of snow in 72 hours. residents even higher than that fence right there. more than half has melted because it was in the 50s yesterday, up to 60 today. the roads 100% clear. the city carted off 85,000-ton of snow and dumped it. the big concern now as you have been hearing is the runoff. you can look at one of the creeks in the buffalo area, this
6:55 am
looks more like a bed of rocks. some of it falling from upstream, so that dumped by trucks clearing roads, all of this melting snow and ice prompting flood warnings now in effect. through late tonight. new york governor telling residents in low lighting areas to pack their bags and clearing out their basement. we just spoke with a resident who is about a block over, he's already getting water seeping into his basement. >> obviously lives lost and concerned that could happen again now, right? >> 13 people died, many of them heart attacks trying to dig out from the snow. lot of snow has melted off, still a lot of heavy stuff on a lot of roofs in this area. at least 30 that have collapsed under the weight of all of that.
6:56 am
in some cases residents were trapped inside or had trouble getting out of the house because of the difficult road conditions. that is no longer the case, 500 national guardsmen in town and a team fo from the new york city e department 30 help with any rescue situations as they come up. martha: thank you very much. another dangerous situation. you cannot get up there and shovel snow off your roof. bill: him showing us the fence and where it was compared to where it is now. hang on. breaking news from washington. chuck hagel is out, we expect to hear from the president in about one hour. martha: plus a new twist fbi arrests in terms of the targeting scandal. remember the e-mails they would not release? thousands of them magically appeared friday afternoon. what did they reveal?
6:57 am
when we come back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: we are back and breaking news this morning, defense secretary chuck hagel resigning as center of defens the fence ie obama administration. the president one knows that move in the next hour, 10 minutes after 11:00. a new hour of "america's newsroom." bill: the president deciding this time for new leadership at the pentagon except in the letter of resignation this morning. his departure comes as a president battered national security team faces major problems overseas. senior white house affairs correspondent live on the north lawn. so, we shall here for president in the next hour. >> we should, bill. the ceremony held about an hour from now. midway through the second term is a natural transition time, time for officials to leave but
7:01 am
hagel and the president didn't seem to be on the same page on how to deal with isis with obama downplaying the threat from the group and hagel calling it an imminent threats to every interest we have. senior administration officials saying the secretary help manage and intense transition from united states armed forces and clean the in afghanistan, the need to repair the forces for future missions and tough fiscal choices to keep the military strong and ready. bill: former republican senator bid supporting republicans the white house expected him, did they? >> that is probably because hagel focus on the four things that senior officials mentioned really wanted to draw down and downsizing making the target of republicans as a republican himself. the second republican obama placed in the post putting bob gates was much more high profile writing a memoir critical of
7:02 am
mr. obama. undersecretary of defense, whose name was floated before he got the nod is being mentioned again as the first female defense secretary. hagel was the first and the cement the defense secretary, decorated vietnam veteran. he and the president has been discuss the departure for weeks. assisting he was not fired. bill: thank you. we will debate that. martha has more now. martha: good morning. what is your take on all of this? >> we will find out more as the day wears on and find out more when we know whom the president appoints to succeed hagel. but i find it not credible he was not forced out going to the list of some of the disagreements he made clear he had with the president over isis, which was a big deal. those in his command express
7:03 am
similar misgivings like adding ground troops. my guess is that was clearly some tension between the pentagon and the white house and mike's vacation is the president probably had enough of that. he was elected to downsize the u.s. military and emission footprint around the world, here you had people under his command saying we need to enlarge it to carry out the specific mission of dealing with isis. martha: downsize the military it hasn't been that convenient given what we have been dealing with. when you look at the three defense secretary that have served under this president, all of whom, two of them wrote scathing books about the president, one seems to be leaving under some pretty disagreeable circumstances as well. >> i think it tells you a lot about or suggest a lot about the
7:04 am
inner workings of the obama administration and his attitude toward military he has now had three defense secretaries, two of them republicans, all of whom came out with an offense disagreements with the president on the various policies and actions. the president probably on the lookout now for somebody more agreeable to what he wants to do. conceivable, i suppose, the president is feeling reasonablyo lead a stronger effort against isis but nothing the president has done or said suggest that to me anyway. martha: that is going to be the question. who he picks will send a strong signal for where he is headed. he made a decision on afghanistan to leave troops there for another two years. are they rethinking this thing, perhaps? >> perhaps.
7:05 am
it may be he didn't get timely advice on these things. we have no way of knowing at this point. if michelle is the pick, to be the kind of thing h you would think the president would like. first female defense secretary. a defense intellectual, lot of us have known her for a long time, she is very deeply informed on these issues, served at the pentagon before, so she would be kind of a natural choice but my sense about her is it would not be very long if you do the job before she was in dissent with what the president is trying to do or try not to do. martha: that raises the question of maybe where his head is if he is not going to find a defense secretary necessarily would agree with him. >> he might not. if he picks somebody who is strong and well qualified with a record on this issue or these
7:06 am
issues of broader defense issues, might have trouble finding somebody like that, but if you pick some be less qualified, what a lot of people thought he did when he picked hagel. an enlisted man, and nice guy and all the rest of it, but he was not thought to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. by a great many people. confirmation proceedings earlier noted done not exactly stellar. i suppose it is possible that is what caught up with him and the president wanted somebody smarter. i have my doubts. martha: if anything can be said they are changing gears fairly quickly. his only been there since 2013 and cap stayed until the end of the administration. >> too short of time to be leaving now. martha: thank you so much. >> you bet. bill: a lot more examination on
7:07 am
his 20 months on the job. more on this in a moment. and other breaking news, fox news alert i was happening with iran. no deal on iran's nuclear program. today was the deadline we are awaiting a live news conference from century of states john kerry and other world leaders addressing the failure to reach an agreement before today's deadline. iran and several world powers agreeing on talking more exciting talks for seven more months. growing criticism of the negotiations which some say give iran too much leeway. are you had approach this issue will result in a more sustainable world order. also, back at home, thousands of missing irs e-mails have now been found. federal investigators uncovering 30,000 e-mails belonging to lois lerner on disaster recovery tapes. earlier in the year the irs
7:08 am
chief john congress two years worth of e-mails were lost in a computer crash. that is a claim many cannot believe. >> you asked us to believe that your very special experts couldn't save one piece of data from this drive or one just like it, correct? >> my theory is this. you guys never going to tell us. bill: mike emanuel has been on this story all day. what do we learn about how these e-mails were recovered or discovered. >> these e-mails were discovered seven heard 44 disaster recovery tapes, gresham investigators are anxious to look at the e-mails to see who lois lerner was communicating with outside of the irs during the 2009-2011 timeframe the targeting of conservative groups was taking place. telling lawmakers she did
7:09 am
nothing wrong if any her actions and has twice taken the fifth on capitol hill. they say it is possible some of the 30,000 e-mails are duplicates, but since she has refused to answer congress questions, there are multiple committees anxious to get a look at her communication skid and some anger on capitol hill five months fbi rest of the e-mails were gone forever lawmakers find out that is not the case. an agency notes he has for some time said he would be pleased if the e-mails from this timeframe could be found and the irs has cooperative fully in this investigation including providing inspector general with the disaster recovery tapes that have been initially used in the hard drive gap time. or how republican commissioner the irs has continually drag his
7:10 am
feet, changed his story and been less than forthcoming with information related to the egregious violations of americans first amendment rights. continuing to call special prosecutor to investigate the irs. bill: thanks. martha: the country is more than 17 clean dollars in debt as you know. now taxpayers will be digging even deeper into their pockets. the cost of giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, we will show you what it is. bill: also, awaiting a ferguson grand jury decision. lieutenant governor of missouri is our guest live next. >> the character of this community will shine through but we will not let anyone intent on changing that character or causing disruption to this community to have that chance.
7:11 am
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or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. bill: breaking news on a monday morning, a significant cap next move. defense secretary chuck hagel is out. resigning his position. we expect the president to make the announcement official one hour from now. the white house tweeting it will come at 11:10 a.m. eastern time. we will have it for you on fox. martha: tensions very high as we
7:15 am
wait for the grand jury decision in the death of michael brown. barricades are being placed around the building where the palace meeting. protesters outside awaiting the decision which could come at any moment. it really needs to happen soon, we would assume. the jury is deciding if please officer darren wilson will face any charges in the shooting of the unarmed teenager. triggering violent riots, looting, clashes with police, president obama asked about this says more police training is needed, so there isn't another incident like this are what has happened in other places. >> he wants to make sure the police are trained to look at the difference between a gang banger and a kid who just happens to be wearing a hoodie but otherwise is a good kid and not doing anything wrong. martha: joining me now, peter kendra, governor of missouri.
7:16 am
good to have you with us today, welcome. >> thank you for having me. martha: i'm curious what you thought, i know you are hoping for the best outcome in terms of the reaction whatever the decision at the grand jury, the president talked about police training being needed to help police better determine who is a threat to them and who isn't. do you agree with him on that? >> police had oceans and tons of training, additional training in the thousands of hours since august, so don't think the president's comments are helpful at this point, his attorney general comes in from st. louis in august and seems to side with one side of this awful tragedy. i in the vast majority want justice for all. we want justice for michael brown and michael brown's family, we want justice for
7:17 am
darren wilson and we want to back up the good men and women of our police force and national guard who are trying to prevent a rerun of the awful 11 days or nights we had in august. martha: there is a discussion of how much pressure the grand jury is under because the fear is if they don't indict, you can is the kind of protest he saw last summer. what do you think that, sir? >> martha, some of the most responsible voices i have heard us and push in the justice no peace. some have been tragically directed officials in the government. and shame on them. there is an excellent op-ed piece authored by the georgetown law school, i recommend it to your viewers, u.s. senate in which we must not acquiesce, have a legal proceeding
7:18 am
involving all the protections for the rights of all those concerned, i'm not sure when they will announce the decision. the only person who does apparently is the prosecutor and he is not talking. it is wrong as the professor to take the scales of justice and throw them through a plate glass window of an appliance store. it is not how we do wit in america. martha: when you look at this and think about both families on both sides, michael brown's father has been very outspoken in terms of pleading for people to remain calm and to seek any kind of change they might wish to come out of all of this in a peaceful way and yet you do have other people that you just alluded to kind of throwing verbal grenades into this
7:19 am
situation and spice it up in a way that could be externally dangerous. do you think the president have done anything differently or eric holder could say anything even now that would encourage that kind of outcome? >> i do think he could to take an attorney general for instance, he came in after the trouble started in august, that was the family of michael brown. what about the family of officer darren wilson and the other members of the police forces involved here? again, in our pledge of allegiance we teach schoolchildren will pledge liberty and justice for all. that has to be our goal, not siding with one side or placing your full hand or weight on one side of justice. that is a misstep and it is not too late for the president or his attorney general to correct this and give us some balance, which is what the authorities in
7:20 am
st. louis are trying to provide. martha: we thank you very much for being with us today and we wish you the best of luck, we hope everything works out and we will be watching. bill:'s we're getting new information on chuck hagel departure as sources are telling us this is not a resignation, we are live from the pentagon with that next.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
martha: we have more to add to this breaking news this morning. defense secretary chuck hagel is out and break a more details of how this all went down exactly. telling jennifer griffin "make no mistake, secretary hagel was fired." this official says despite message they're pushing about a
7:24 am
mutual decision, this decision was not the secretary's according to the report. we will go to jennifer griffin at the pentagon in just a moment for more on that. bill: the presence immigration overhaul will of millions of illegals to stay in the country, we know that. amnesty comes at a big price. that price is $2 trillion? how does that breakdown westmark $40 billion per year for 50 years equivalent to $22,000 tax on every u.s. college student with a four-year degree. paying $0.30 for every gallon of gasoline you buy. stuart varney with me on this. heritage foundation found what? >> the one single number to concentrate on is the cost of giving amnesty to 4 million people is $40 billion per year. from the heritage foundation, $40 million per year. here is how they arrive at that
7:25 am
number. right now they are eligible for health services, education and earned income tax credits. a tax in the mail. you get that right now, if the 4 million progressed to get work permits, green cards, social security number, a whole bunch of benefits open up in the future. medicare, social security, all the goodies handed out to society. bill: you have to become a citizen? can you do it with a visa or a card? >> your social security number, you have a number, and a work permit. you can stay, work, pay into social security. and then a green card opens up all kinds of other things, which will come their way. $40 billion number is premised on 4 million eventually getting
7:26 am
green cards for permanent resident aliens. bill: we have heard from some immigrants critical of the decision because they did not feel it went far enough meaning they did not get full benefits immediately. >> that would be very difficult for the president to do because you'd have to give them green cards immediately and you are not able to do that. the bottom line to me is you cannot have an open border immigration policy if you have a welfare state. if you do that, if you invite people across the border and give them all the goodies as soon as they arrive, you encourage more people to arrive and it becomes extremely expensive. that cuts down on the approval of immigration in the first place. look at me, have been widely accepted in the country and i'm deeply grateful for it. if i don't, a peer and charge a ton of money on the taxpayer's
7:27 am
dime i would not be popular or would anybody like me. bill: look at you, look at you. >> i am embraced by america and i like that. bill: don't miss this man right here on the fox business network. log onto finder. martha: we are in the middle of breaking news and sudden departure of defense secretary chuck hagel amidst growing tension on the white house and pentagon. what does this mean for the battle against isis, the inside scoop and brand-new intel coming up straight ahead. you do not want to miss that, plus, this reedit bill: pretty good performance garth brooks back on stage, all these stopping moments from the american music awards moments away.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: we are back in the middle of breaking news coverage, from the white house, president obama's third secretary of defense chuck hagel is now out. respect here for president on this and about 30 minutes from now. make no mistake, secretary hagel has been fired. coming to us from the national security correspondent who has been on this story all morning live at the pentagon. tell us about this. >> a senior u.s. official in close knowledge of the decision says make no mistake, secretary hagel was fired. despite the message coming from the pentagon officially that this was a mutual decision, this decision was not the secretary's.
7:32 am
the president have lost confidence in the white house have been planning his exit for weeks. reports began circling october about him being disengaged in meetings, not speaking up and two days after the midterm elections, there was a withering column by longtime was no balls correspondent suggesting that hagel be fired as a means of reenergizing the president's national security team. martha: rations began with the president would perhaps point former under center of defense policy michelle, she would be an attractive candidate and first female secretary of defense. one well-placed ministry official says postelection politics is that play with this decision. president felt he had to fire someone, he fired the only republican in his cap next. who is that going to anger? a final comment, this is why you don't send a sergeant to do a secretary's job. he served as an army sergeant in
7:33 am
vietnam, decorated, two purple hearts, the first former enlisted combat soldier to be secretary of defense. there had been frustration that hagel was not up to the task since he fumbled the confirmation hearings in january 2013. a clear sense he was not in command of the issues facing the pentagon writes now and his public appearance has since then been incoherent and inarticulate as best bid asking chuck hagel both these rumors that he would be replaced. here is what he said. >> i serve the president. i am immensely grateful for the opportunity i have had the last two years working for the country and free men and women who serve this country. i don't get up in the morning to worry about my job. >> expect to hear from the president shortly after 11:00 eastern. we do not expect him to announce the replacement at this time.
7:34 am
martha: jennifer, thank you. bill: a concern veteran, pete, how are you, good morning to you. you wrote in generally of 2013 hagel was the wrong man at the wrong time. i respect the opinion you have, but he was still carrying out and fighting wars based on the schedule and the wishes of his commander-in-chief and that comes from the president. >> that is exactly right. secretary hagel was never fully in control of defense policy and we know that from inside accounts. when he was committed we were fighting with defense spending and gutting the military and policy work winding down very difficult war. when things changed and the secretary now the century of defense was charged with confronting threats, his
7:35 am
opinions changed and the president and secretary hagel were buddies post-iraq war, now a more vicious threat. secretary hagel appreciated the way the politicians and political advisors the white house were driving the discussion. that was inevitable. bill: you administration may make the big story of the fact of the firing. chuck hagel came out and said i agree with the problem, we have to face it and deal with it. >> that is why sergeant hagel had a clear eyed vision of the nature of the enemy and to defeat them. but this whole context is colored by a president more obsessed with ending and wrapping them up then fishing and defeating enemies properly and now charged with leading an entire department and not known for being very articulate and much of a visionary, he had not laid out any definitive substance policy before being
7:36 am
secretary. that is why we were hesitant. he is charged with leaving the defense department. how could you be okay with the kind of decisions coming out of this white house? that is why you have seen the white house going through defense secretary's like eddie lacy through my vikings defense yesterday. he is slicing through them because it is hard to be a serious defensive secretary with so many politically driven decisions from the top. bill: he wanted different decisions made. the present has fired all the generals who have worked for him. who is going to work for him now? an extension of the combat duty in afghanistan for another year. a complete 180. what happens? >> you're following the trend, you're probably going to get a yes man. somebody who will salute smartly on irresponsible policies that we are right now following.
7:37 am
i am worried about the type of person they would nominate. however, michelle is the lead candidate on defense issues, the need for reform the pentagon and make it more efficient but the nature of some of the enemies we face. this confirmation battle will be nasty and decisive one. it will set the course for america policy over the next two years whether or not we do so many of the threads in this seriously. when the secretary came on board confronting the regime and support of the negotiations that had in many ways given more and more to the iranians bid what will the next secretary stands take? it will be very telling. bill: in iraq we are giving more time. public safety with iraqis want. and we will see what happens when that time comes up. we have to run, pete out of minneapolis, thank you.
7:38 am
martha: joined now by randy forbes, republican, been from virginia, member of the house he armed services committee joins me now. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. bill: mxp to we will see a change in the century defense position. chuck hagel has been fired. what do you make of it? >> it makes very clear this up administration is far more concerned about controlling the message then they are about control and the threat the united states faces. you can go all the way back to the first came in office, they literally issued gag orders in writing to people at the pentagon uniform and not in uniform, they could not speak to members of congress about the ramifications they were making. just talking about all of the officers they fired giving their honest opinion now we see the secretary of defense really kind
7:39 am
of joining with two previous three of defense is critical of this white house and instead of listening and may be changing own opinion, they just changed the messenger. martha: there are sort of two sides to this story because one is many people thought chuck hagel was inept. so that is a different thing than chuck hagel not being a message or supported the president speaking about the policies. if it is the former, would you be supportive of that move? >> i disagreed with the secretary on a number of things the century has done so will not support everything the secretary has done but what we understand is the real catalyst for this move with not so much what the secretary has done or not done, but he is given the white house advice they don't want to hear. whether i agree with the
7:40 am
secretary or not, we want him to be able to give honest advice to the president of the united states. we have had testimony for the leaders say that white house has been ignoring military advice coming out. that concerns me a great deal. bill: a lot more reaction coming into "america's newsroom." we will have the president for you live. and a soldier returns from overseas. daddy is home. his surprise reunion in this school gymnasium. martha: rudy giuliani responded to the reaction. what the mayor is saying this morning about this.
7:41 am
>> they won't be there if you weren't killing each other.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: young girl getting a surprise her lifetime for the holidays. [applauding] on the right is nine-year-old and on the right is her father. in a piggly wiggly costume a school assembly. her father just arrived back home from south carolina and have been away in kuwait and had asked his family for seven months. current the on a two leave.
7:45 am
martha: former new york mayor rudy giuliani defending his comments on the crisis in ferguson, missouri. awaiting a decision is a white police officer will face charges that she deftly black unarmed teenager, michael brown. here are the controversial comments from the former mayor of new york. >> i find it very disappointing were not discussed the facts 93% of blacks in america are killed by other blacks. we are talking about the exception. >> most people who commit crimes go to jail. they are not swarm of the police department as an agent of the states to uphold the law. inn. deeply embedded. >> 70-75% of crime. >> how about reinforcing the culture. >> how about reducing crime. they would not be there if they were not kill each other.
7:46 am
martha: leslie marshall is a fox news interview and radio talkshow host. and executive director, welcome to both of you. i want to get your reaction to that exchange and play a little bit about what mayor giuliani said this morning. your initial reaction. >> first of all i think comparing would have been in ferguson to black on black crime too many cities like los angeles or chicago are not even apples and oranges, they are not even both fruit necessarily. this is irresponsible for the former mayor to say. he is fanning th just hatred, but anger that we are all trying, even down to the family members tried to keep things from not being violent awaiting this decision from the grand jury. quite frankly there is racism there. when we had minority children
7:47 am
killed at the hands of a police officer, there was outrage and anger even when they were african-american or hispanic and were not white. i think it is about the authority, the disconnect, lack of respect between the cops and the people. >> absolute nonsense. the black people in america don't have a problem with cops, had a problem with liberal democrats. what they want you to believe is that we should have some sort of a rally around the kids who went into the store, and attacked the cop. that is not going to be a leader of the civil rights movement that has already happened, and it is ridiculous and quite frankly it is insulting to black people that leslie would say something like that. what rudy giuliani said was spot on.
7:48 am
crime is high because of liberalism. they put them in these corrals, pit against one another and they don't want to talk about the real issue. the real issues are we don't have opportunities, we don't have jobs, our schools suck because liberal democrats in control. it isn't george bush, it isn't romney, it isn't reagan in these neighborhoods. people like leslie apologizing. bill: rudy giuliani wanted to clarify further what he was talking about and did so in great detail this morning on "fox and friends." let's listen. >> the danger to the black child in america is not a white police officer. that will happen less than 1% of the time. the danger to a black child, the danger is another black. 93% of the time killed by other black. >martha, and from america who
7:49 am
oversaw the homicide in the city to a great effect. he knows quite a bit about law enforcement and making people safer in their cities. part of his point was you have to concentrate police where you have the most crime in your city and that is what he was referring to in his comment that we just played for you initially. go ahead. >> first while having lived in chicago, los angeles, washington, d.c., houston, miami, cities very large with a lot of crime in the lot of black on black crime, chicago is an example of that especially on the south side. if you want to blame the liberals, that is not the reality you talk to people in that community, that is not the reality. they are angry about black on black crime. they are angry at cuts to education, angry at the easy access for guns, the drugs pumped into their community and the don't blame the liberals for
7:50 am
that. rudy giuliani i agree you have to have a police presence and police officers regardless of color in those communities but when people cry out as they have for years especially on the south side please help, nobody is listening. martha: i wish i had more time because it is a great discussion and i appreciate you both being here very much. we will have you respond to this and more next time. it is good to have you here, kevin. thank you. >> first they thought it was a junk, now the second of strange. by some fear there could be russian weaponry over the earth are.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
martha: breaking news this morning, defense secretary chuck
7:54 am
hagel is out. we stayed here for the president on this in just a few minutes. we will take you there live when that gets underway. bill: space junk or space bar up and? some say a weapon rusher recently lost is showing strange behavior. they launched this in may, right? and they're watching it and is doing something stuff typical of just junk in orbit. >> it is likely on booster rockets which you don't see satellite do very often which could have some propulsion, the ability to store fuel, solar energy or some on board. but music and do things like that, it is hittin getting contm the ground to move about in a way that is not purely orbital. bill: what would russia wants to do with something like this? >> one is to clean up their own mess.
7:55 am
things die in space and a lot of debris. it gets more and more dangerous for people on the space station and don't forget russia has astronauts on the iss. so there is that and there is the notion if this can reach out and do things, can it go after other satellites. i don't think that is such a good idea for russia because everybody is using the same satellites, rotating around the earth at any given time, they take one out, that hurts them too. bill: china destroyed a satellite of 2007. we show the ability to do it in 2008. >> if we get to that point, is a whole new game because a lot of important stuff. we use satellites for imagery. google earth based on imagery. it could be damaging to so many businesses, individuals if people go after this stuff in space.
7:56 am
bill: as a country can defend your satellite. you can defend your satellite, you win. >> in theory. but u.s.'s ability to shoot down satellites and also to repair like this satellite may be doing. went 2009 the went up with the space shuttle and the repairs on the hubble and send it back out which is more typical. bill: we will keep an eye on it and see what is happening from moscow. martha: president obama scheduled to speak in a couple of minutes. defense secretary chuck hagel is out be at their getting word it was anything but voluntary from him. more on that breaking news is straight ahead. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it.
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martha: defense secretary chuck hagel is out we expect the room to be pretty full and a couple of minutes. a lot of buzzing over whether or not this was his choice.
8:00 am
we will have that coming up. bill: we will have the full analysis from every angle. coming up now. martha: we will see you back here tomorrow, have a great day. jon: and we begin with a fox news alert. president obama about to announce a major shakeup in his national security team, resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. senior official tells fox news "make no mistake, secretary hagel was fired." good monday morning to you. heather: those are some tough words coming out of that story right there. the secretary's departure comes as the president has been battered multiple times including the rise over isis and syria while the news broke settling this morning there are no reports pentagon officials have lost confidence in chuck hagel. there is a quote from november 6.


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